It scared me when I read this report about how much information the Swedish people know about type 1 diabetes. The report was showing that most people know very little or nothing about the disease, despite the fact that type 1 diabetes is the most common, life-threatening and serious disease.

I know that sometimes I want to beautify the disease because it makes me feel better living with it, but that doesn’t mean that I do’nt want a life without this disease. Diabetes for me sometimes causes problems that I would have liked to have done without. A life without diabetes would have been optimal, but I first believe that a more understanding would make it much easier. And now I mean understanding from everyone, even from the HCP.

The risk of developing mental illness is three times greater in young people with type 1 diabetes than in healthy young people. The risk of developing an eating disorders is twice as high in women with type 1 diabetes compared to women without diabetes. This is just a small part of the big picture

how to get up a low blood sugar? you sit down in the sun, and order caponata with french fries 🥂 problem solved 🤌🏻 ...

I couldn’t be more happy it is Friday! It’s been a tough week mentally to just make everyday life “stick” together (if you know what I mean).
I look forward to a weekend with, among other things, raise awareness about type 1 diabetes 💙 but tonight, I will absolutely it will be one, maybe two glasses of wine 🥰🙏

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