Step 1 - take a deep breathe
Step 2 - rip off the old one
Step 3 - apply the new one
Step 4 - on with the transmitter
Step 5 - activate in the app

Don’t forget to smile and enjoy your week 💙

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Wait?! What!!!

Yes - Fried Mac n Cheese!

If I were to open a restaurant in the future, fried food would definitely be part of the menu 😉

Think, how much more fun and delicious life becomes when there are no restrictions around food 💙

You need:
200 g grated cheese
100 g cream cheese
1 jalapeno
2 dl cooked macaroni
black pepper and paprika powder


Mix grated cheese with creme cheese and let melt in a pan. Add jalapeno, spices and macaroni.

Roll into small balls, bread and fry! Enjoy ❤️

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