My diabetes diagnosis is not my fault, but what I do with it is my responsibility. I choose to advocate for better quality of life through the way we think. Diabetes isn’t the problem, it’s the way we think about it.
Small habits lead to big change.
I have the control over my diabetes management and you can have it to.
I have control over my diabetes (with helps from all these amazing equipment). And you can have it too. Make small changes, try out and maybe change again, and you’ll see positive results!
Stay educated, stay in touch, stay happy and stay positive! 💕 #t1dlookslikeme

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My week has been though. My blood sugar has been a roller coaster (and my mood) and I had no idea why! But, now I know. I have this awful cold and this is perhaps one of the reasons. Now it’s soon a new week and I’m already feeling much better and I am gonna swing this week just like this fabulous skirt ✌🏻💙 #t1dlookslikeme ...

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I don’t have an ass made of stone... But! I have rock solid control of my diabetes 😘 #t1dlookslikeme ...

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Don’t forget. Keeping our blood sugars in range is good for us. And, with that said, it doesn’t matter how many units of insulin you need. Your body, your rules! #t1dlookslikeme ...

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