Cheers to this amazing weekend 🥂 ...

To have type 1 diabetes isn’t always a shiny road. But don’t forget to be proud of your competencies! •

Managing diabetes means that you will develop competencies that non-diabetics won’t necessarily have. •

What Newfound skills do you have? Here are a few of mine: ⭐️I can self-medicate to regulate my blood sugar ⭐️I’m the queen of injections! Don’t feel any shame about taking an injection in public or any anger if I get a strange comment about it ⭐️I’m resourceful and organized. Yes, you can count on me! •

Don’t forget that it is you who decides whether it’s a positive or a negative one. Let me know what things you do to keep positive and what keeps you being a dia-badass in the comments 💕 #t1dlookslikeme

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