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There are many guidelines on when it’s best to inject your insulin before food and so on. Now we know that there are many factors that can affect when you should take insulin (if you are like me on MDI). For me, I always start with the guidelines I’ve been given from my endo and then adjust and make changes for what suits me the best in different situations ☺️ •

Well, now to the point! I notice that I have a tendency to put my insulin pen on the table 😂 just because I know that I can be “charmed” by the company and the food. Just to not forget to take it, lol 😇 am I rude? Am I alone doing this 💕

Did you know that the actual diabetes care product may only be 10% of the total weight and volume that was delivered? •

I am proud to be a part of the @type1eu ’s amazing campaign! “Reduce Diabetes Technology waste” 💙 •

An insulin dependent diabetic may use one out of syringes, insulin pens or insulin pumps to administer insulin. They would also use glucometers, CGMs or FGMs to monitor BG. Diabetic waste generated may be different for different people depending on what tools they use. However, the waste is a problem! •

Do join the campaign and collect diabetes technology waste and follow @Type1EU on social media #ReduceDiabetesTechnologyWaste #type1eu

This blonde “queen of injections” have had a really lovely weekend 👸🌸 #t1dlookslikeme ...

Sun is out and so is my sensor #t1dlookslikeme ...

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