Sara Mobäck is one of the 50,000 people in Sweden who have type 1 diabetes – and on top of that, she also suffered from severe disease Anorexia Nervosa. Today, she talks about her experiences of going from an unhealthy calorie count to a healthy lifestyle.

Through the blog saramoback.com, she wants to inspire and motivate people with type 1 diabetes to not stop dreaming despite chronic illness.

Sara Mobäck got her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at age 13. A few years later, she bumped into another roadblock. Her focus on food and showing the best blood sugar curve made her stop eating carbohydrates, and daily training became a must – in 2016 she was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.

Diabetes management is only half the battle to get people with eating disorders back to a normal life. The most challenging part of treating is self-acceptance.

In her deepest struggle, she decided to change her way of living. In 2013, she founded Diabeteskvinnan.se. She was tired of all myths and the huge lack of knowledge of her illness. She wants to encourage a positive perspective and way of living with Type 1 Diabetes. Today, she have a daily reach of thousands of people all over the world. Through talks, blogs, meet-up events and much more – Sara has dedicated her life to share her extensive experience of challenges that can arise for people with diabetes. 

Food is a central part of a diabetic’s everyday life and it is common that the focus on food develops in to an eating disorder. One thing that I had to remember – and still have to keep in mind every single day – is that staying healthy with an eating disorder requires my full dedication and discipline to cope. There is a huge lack of knowledge on how to identify whether a person with diabetes has an eating disorder or not.


I believe that as a diabetic, it is easy to set new and grand goals and strategies to get such a good balance with blood sugar, which may not always be as easy to follow.

My key is to start by answering this question: What very small details take you very small steps to the very glorious vision of yourself? Now we talk a little. And maybe not even related to diabetes.

Like nail polish level, then. Believe me, I also flirt with big plans for everything I want to accomplish and achieve, but these mini-promises carry almost all the charm. Details that hold so much identity, but which at the same time are foolishly easy to achieve, whatever life may have to offer. What if New Year's resolutions could create feelings like them, instead of stress and despair? 💕

Prepping for the French fries I had a few minutes later 🤍 #t1dlookslikeme ...

New shoes 🖤 ...

It’s finally Friday 🤩 ...

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