26 maj 2019 |  Helg

Svenska jordgubbar

När mina föräldrar var här igår fick även jag lite presenter även om det var min brorsa som stod i fokus. Det som låg i mitt ”paket” var svenska jordgubbar och såklart min favoritgurka – den vita som inte går att få tag i här i Stockholm. Gurkan som ska ligga på en leverpastejs-macka. Så, dagen till ära hade jag såklart jordgubbar till kaffet.

Blir lika lycklig varje gång det är tid för våra svenska juveler. De smakar så himla gott och jag tror inte att det finns något bättre under sommarperioden, eller hur?

Idag regnar det och jag håller tummarna för att det slutar då jag ska hem till min ”andra” familj på grillkväll. Men som väderappen utlovar ska det bli sol vid 16-tiden. Tills dess ska jag öppna upp mejlen och jobba lite, strukturera inför kommande vecka!

When my parents were here yesterday I also got some presents even though it was my brother who was in focus. My parents gave me Swedish strawberries and of course my favorite cucumber – the white one that cannot be found here in Stockholm. The cucumber to put on a liver paste sandwich. So, the day of honor, of course, I had strawberries together with my coffee.

I get so happy every time it is time for our Swedish jewels. They taste so deliciously good and I don’t think there is anything better during the summer season, right?

Today it is raining and I hope that it ends soon thou I am going to my ”second” family on a barbecue evening. But as the weather app promises, it should be sunny at 4 o’clock. Until then I will open up my e-mail and work a little, structure for the coming week!

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Focus 🥂 ...

I want to talk about something that might give some perspective.

The only thing we know is what is in front of us right now. That is why it is so important to never take our time for granted and to focus on life here and now.

And also remind ourself what a blessing it is to actually live and wake up to a new day 💕

Don`t let your diabetes become something that creates problems or obstacles that limit your life. There is so much beauty in life! I know it’s not easy everyday but just a loving reminder 💕🤍💙
#t1d #t1dlookslikeme #öppendiabetes #diabetes


I’m surrounded by such amazingly talented, inspired women and I’m so glad we’re on the same team! this is from last week’s digital training that was a success 🤩🙌🏻❤️

This is how every Monday should feel and be like 🖤🤍 A party 💃 ...

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