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6 tbsp almond flour/6 msk Mandelmjöl

1 tsp baking soda/ 1 tsk bikarbonat

3 tbsp chia seeds/ 3 msk chiafrön

2 tbsp psyllium seed husk/ 2 msk fiberhusk

salt (take more than you think/ salt (ta mer än vad du tror)

Mix these ingredients together/ Dessa ingredienser ska mixas:

3 eggs/ 3 ägg

1 tbsp coconut oil/ 1 msk kokosolja

1-2 banans (or 75 grams of cottage cheese)/ 1-2 bananer (Eller 1/2 liten burk keso för mer protein)

Gör så här:

När du mixat ingredienserna tillsammans är det bara att mäta upp de torra och sedan blanda ihop till en jämn smet med en sked. Forma sedan degen till en brödliknande form på ett bakplåtspapper och toppa med exempelvis chiafrön/solroskärnor eller vad du har hemma. Brödet ska gräddas I ca 15 minuter på 200 grader. 

Klart att ätas med valfritt pålägg! 

Do this:

When you mixed the ingredients together, just measure out the ”dry” ingredients, then mix together until it feels smooth with a spoon. Shape the dough into a bread-like form on a baking sheet and top with example Chia seeds / sunflower seeds or whatever you have at home. The bread will be baked for about 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Ready to be eaten with any toppings you like!


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A few hours in Copenhagen and I guess this is the first time (in my 22 years as a t1) I’ve got it all! Sugar, enough insulin, cannulas, and well - myself put together 💙✌🏻 ...

Have had many conversations this week about diabetes and eating disorders. It’s, as you know, very common. It is also frightening how little we know, how can we avoid more people being affected, improvements in healthcare and what or how should we reduce the pressure and stress around food for people with diabetes?

What I do know is that I need to be around people who don’t have diabetes, eat food, enjoy life, - has helped me. Because that’s how life should be, even if I live with an illness that requires round-the-clock care 🫶🏻

When I was diagnosed with t1d (I was 13 years old) it was a huge shock (no shit..). I didn’t know how to react and I barely knew anything about diabetes as a condition. It’s a lot to take in!
What helped me to come to terms with it, reassured me that it wasn’t the end of the world, was the help I’ve got and still got from my closest (family and friends).

You can live a normal, healthy life, do anything you want to. Behind it all - you just need to keep an eye on your diabetes ❤️

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