12 juli 2020 |  Snacks

Ni får inte missa detta

I fredag när jag åkte hem till Norrköping var det FF. Jag var ensam och visste inte riktigt vad jag skulle laga. Jag säger så här, jag gick ALL IN!

Blanda fetaost med lite vatten och olivolja

Mixat och så krämigt

Stek ett gott vitt bröd i massa smör i en het stekpanna

Grilla tomater (helst små körsbärstomater) i ugn ca 200 grader i 10-15 min. I formen med tomaterna har du i olja, salt, peppar.

Servera och njut. Jag hade på nymalen svartpeppar och lite färska örter samt skivad salladslök. Det blev så gott. Ni måste testa! Brödet tog jag ett vitt bröd från märket Schaer. det blev gott att steka och kan rekommendera om du också har glutenintolerans som jag.

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This weekend was all about to relax and to just feel good! And it went really good! ✨

I’ve talked to a few people that are new to my life (which I love!!) and we discussed how life with t1d can be so complexed. And I think we need to talk more about the importance to listen to ourselves. It’s important to learn what’s well-being means for you. Life sucks sometimes - it’s normal, and a lifestyle change needs to be based on consideration- not punishment 💕 and this is for me and for you who also have diabetes!

I really want to convey that long-term perspective is important in everything. That there is space and a place for everything, but not always.

When we are chasing success, better blood sugar, happiness and running faster than ever, this is often exactly what we miss. To listen to ourselves. Mental health or an everyday life where we prioritize ourselves, I believe this is very important. But it can be difficult.

It is extremely important not to present ourselves as perfect or make it seem like we have the solution to everything. But, who has the solution?

It can be difficult as a diabetic as it can affect our mental health, but don’t forget to take care of yourself on all levels. Even what happens outside your diabetes sphere 💕 #diabetesand

You already know that I have type 1 diabetes, right 🌸 But did you know that I also have a whole life going on outside or next to my diabetes. I love having things ongoing and a bunch of project that I am trying to manage while I am of course trying to manage my blood sugar along the way. It isn’t easy all the time but I think with the right mindset and a little bit of positivism, nothing is impossible and I am so happy if I can with my social media encourage you to see that it is a fantastic world outside that you don’t wanna miss out on 💕

This is a part of @Beyondtype1 @beyondtype1daily and their #DiabetesAnd campaign 💙

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