28 april 2019 |  Helg

Home sweet home

Tired, with a cappuccino in Hamburg, waiting for our flight!

Det blev en riktigt lång dag idag. Vi blev drabbade av SAS strejken och som tur i oturen hittade vi fyra stycken biljetter från Venedig som skulle ta oss tillbaka till Stockholm idag, söndag.

Eftersom vi hyrde bil under vår Italien resa började vi morgonen med att bila från Florence till Venedig. Sen blev första turen till Hamburg, otroligt lång väntetid och sen tillslut sista flygresan från Tyskland till Sverige. allt gick hur bra som helst och jag har nu tagit en dusch och ska försöka sova. Det är en ny och spännande vecka som startar i morgon.

Ni ska även, såklart, få en uppdatering från Italien! Men först ska jag packa upp det viktigaste och sova.

It was a really long day today. We were ”hit” by the SAS strike and for our luck we found four tickets from Venice that would take us back to Stockholm today, Sunday.

Since we rented a car during our Italy trip, we started the morning from Florence to Venice at 6.30 am. Then the first flight to Hamburg, an incredibly long wait and then finally the last flight from Germany to Sweden. everything went as well as possible and I have now taken a shower and will try to sleep. It is a new and exciting week that starts tomorrow.

You will also, of course, get an update from Italy! But first I have to unpack the most important and sleep.

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After a terrible cold, I took a break (not easy but I tried!), and experienced the effect of taking it cool - blood sugar was anything but stabile 🫠 But! Finally I’m back in routine and it feels incredibly wonderful 🔥💙

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Diabetes affects everyone differently, but it also affects the people close to it daily too.

For me, communication with my family and to my friends has meant a lot. To feel that I don’t have to feel guilty for feeling certain emotions, that I can call at any time of the day without getting complaints, to ask for a hug and get a huge amount of love in return. That to me is so important.

Eating disorders are one of the most common psychiatric disorders in people with type 1 diabetes, with a prevalence twice that of individuals without diabetes. But! There is hope! And you are the expert, and no one is perfect ❤️

Diabetes. We don’t always go hand in hand, but sometimes we do ⚡️ And then, you can count on me 🔥💙 ...

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