22 februari 2019 |  Frukost

Frukost i luften

Kul med wi-fi i luften men det var så uselt så bilder fick inte ens att ladda upp. MEN! Jag kom upp i morse när klockan ringde och jag mötte upp fantastiska Kajsa på terminal 5 efter lite förvirring från min sida. 

Vi köpte frukost på RC och vet ni vad! De har glutenfria mackor och världens godaste chia-pudding (jag som ogillar det). Det slank ner under flygresan och vi ör nu framme i Berlin. Vi ska ta tåget mot city och oj vad jag är exalterad (Kajsa med från BD).

Det ska bli så kul och häftigt! 


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After a terrible cold, I took a break (not easy but I tried!), and experienced the effect of taking it cool - blood sugar was anything but stabile 🫠 But! Finally I’m back in routine and it feels incredibly wonderful 🔥💙

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Diabetes affects everyone differently, but it also affects the people close to it daily too.

For me, communication with my family and to my friends has meant a lot. To feel that I don’t have to feel guilty for feeling certain emotions, that I can call at any time of the day without getting complaints, to ask for a hug and get a huge amount of love in return. That to me is so important.

Eating disorders are one of the most common psychiatric disorders in people with type 1 diabetes, with a prevalence twice that of individuals without diabetes. But! There is hope! And you are the expert, and no one is perfect ❤️

Diabetes. We don’t always go hand in hand, but sometimes we do ⚡️ And then, you can count on me 🔥💙 ...

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