27 oktober 2020 |  Diabetes

En blick in i min tisdag

I lördags mitt i allt svepte jag ihop ett riktigt smaskigt bröd med nötter, torkad aprikos SAMT svarta bönor! Det blev dagens frulle. Med smör och ost. Bra start på min tisdag

Efter x antal timmar jobb och ett nära ”nu bryter jag ihop” känsla vid 17 tiden tog jag mig bort till gymmet för ett body pump pass. Var där förra veckan med och idag kunde jag faktiskt göra EN armhävning. Det går framåt. Men jösses vad muskler jag ska få nu 😉

På väg hem, sjönk blodsockret och jag tror att jag var bland de gladaste av att hitta choklad i väskan! Fasiken så gött.

Har precis fått i mig middag (champinjongryta och ris) och ska försöka hinna knåpa ihop receptet på fröbrödet så även ni kan ta del av det, hinna svara på mejl som trillat in under dagen och ja, sen kommer jag sova gott. Det lovar jag. Mina muskler värker och det kommer vara svårt att gå på toaletten i morgon. Jag känner det redan nu

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Do you feel that you find joy in your everyday life? I get a lot of questions about how I can find joy and energy despite everything that happens. It has been tough at times and it will be so in life. Life goes up and down.

During the year, I’ve thought a lot about what makes me get up again. The simple answer? There are no alternatives. I refuse to give up.

You are here and now. Create a meaning based on where you are today. We know nothing about the future and the only thing we can do is create conditions for ourselves 💕

Think about how many times food has connected you to people you love. Think about those times when diabetes has connected you to new people around the world and to new experiences. To have a “perfect” life with diabetes doesn’t exist, just the same for those without diabetes. But with managing your diabetes in the best way you can, life with diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t eat what you like!

The important thing is not that you try to achieve a "perfect" healthy life, exercise the most or eat what everyone else does. The important thing is that you strive to find the balance that actually works in your everyday puzzle together with the right tools 💕 #t1dlookslikeme

This weekend was all about to relax and to just feel good! And it went really good! ✨

I’ve talked to a few people that are new to my life (which I love!!) and we discussed how life with t1d can be so complexed. And I think we need to talk more about the importance to listen to ourselves. It’s important to learn what’s well-being means for you. Life sucks sometimes - it’s normal, and a lifestyle change needs to be based on consideration- not punishment 💕 and this is for me and for you who also have diabetes!

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