19 maj 2020 |  Diabetes

Dear Diabetes

I got the question from Hedia to write a letter to my Diabetes. Here is my letter

Dear diabetes, I have never thought of you as an obstacle in my life but more as an asset. But I had wished this were my divorce paper that I submitted to you.

It is not an easy illness to deal with. But in general, I feel grateful to be able to handle what the diagnosis has meant. I have both seen the darkness but also the front of you which generates in that I have got to see what I actually go for.

You have given me the strength to handle myself and I have had to work a lot on those sides of me that normally are seen as weaknesses, but today there are strengths. You have given me friends all over the world, opportunities to advocate on how important it is as a diabetic to look at their opportunities, and perhaps most importantly, I have accepted to listen to my needs and signals that my body is giving me.

I cannot divorce you, I cannot fire you, so, I will make you as my partner in life. I choose to have a positive attitude about diabetes and life, and I believe our choices are learned habits.

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Don’t mind the plant behind me that’s about to die - cause it’s pizza time 🫶🏻 my tip is to take half dose before - and the rest a few hours later 💕 ...

I have some things I will never stop doing ✨ keep talking to myself out loud - it clears most things up and helps feelings become clear.
Take breaks. oh my god yes. A few minutes of anything else can make most things come off. And of course, I will continue to challenge myself. Could it be that the next race is already booked? omg, yes who knows 😉 Are you with me? 💕

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