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Bovetebröd / Buckwheat bread

Detta bröd är verkligen mitt egna favoritbröd som jag alltid har hemma. Bakar det minst en gång i veckan då det verkligen passar till frukost liksom kvällen när jag blir sugen igen. Degen blir kletig och det är normalt när man bakar glutenfritt, så bli inte oroliga. Ett tips är att blöta händerna när du formar dina brödbitar innan gräddning!

This bread is really my own favorite bread that I always have at home. Bake it at least once a week as it really suits for breakfast as well as the evening meal when I get hungry again. The dough becomes clammy and it is normal when baking gluten-free, so do not worry. One tip is to wet your hands as you shape your bread pieces before putting the bread in the oven!

Ingredienser / Ingredients:

20 jäst / 20 g yeast
5 dl kallt vatten / 5 cup cold water
1 msk ljus sirap / 1 tbsp light syrup
1 1/2 msk olja / 1 1/2 tbsp oil
2 dl havremjöl / 2 cup oat flour
1 dl rismjöl / 1 cup rice flour
2 dl bovetemjöl / 2 cup buckwheat flour
1 dl majsmjöl / 1 cup cornflour
1 msk pofiber / 1 tbsp pofiber
1 msk FiberHusk / 1 tbsp FiberHusk
Salt / Salt

Gör så här / How to:

Lös upp jästen i vattnet. Tillsätt sirap och olja. Bland alla torra ingredienser i en bunke. Har du tillgång till köksassistent är det en fördel. Tillsätt mjölblandningen till degvätskan, lite i taget. Blanda i ca 5 minuter. Täck degen med plastfolie och låt jäsa i ca 2-3 timmar tills den fått en fin höjd.
Sätt ugnen på 225 grader. Stjälp upp degen på mjölat bord och dela degen i 6 jämnstora bitar utan att knåda. Forma runda eller rektangulära brödoch lägg dem på en plåt med bakplåtspapper. Strö över lite rismjöl. Grädda i ca 30 minuter. Låt svalna innan du serverar dem!

Dissolve the yeast in the water. Add syrup and oil. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. If you have access to a kitchen assistant, this is an advantage. Add the flour mixture to the dough liquid, a little at a time. Mix for about 5 minutes. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it rise for about 2-3 hours until it has a nice height.
Put the oven at 225 degrees C. Stack the dough on a floured table and divide the dough into 6 equal pieces without kneading. Shape round or rectangular breads and place them on a plate with baking paper. Sprinkle with some rice flour. Bake for about 30 minutes. Let it cool before serving them!

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I know we live in a not so normal life at the moment. As a t1d it can also be tough to learn new patterns about how the blood sugar is changing or makes weird directions. And yes, this new lifestyle has defintely affects my blood sugar more than I first thought. And so it may be. It has been two weeks (I know many of you have been in this longer) now with new routines and for me it has helped to write down for example my feelings, how the blood sugar behaves as well as my activity, food and so on. •

After being a t1 for almost 19 years I learn new things about myself and my diabetes. The important thing to remember is: DON’T forget to be KIND to yourself. Let it take time to get to know how you and your body behave and how emotions can affect your bg too! •

All we have is now. We can only live for the present and make the best of each and everyday and ofc - Trust YOURSELF and your body and that it will not be forever ❤️

In the beginning of February I was invited to be the key note speaker at the Diabulimia Helpline Conference in San Diego to talk about my journey and my recovery from an eating disorder. •

If I was making the same speech today I would also have been included the self compassion part more. Because I know lot of you are struggling with both diabetes, social distance , and mental health. And I know a lot of you will be being unfairly harsh on yourselves for how you are feeling, responding or managing during this strange time. •

You are the you, and you are doing an amazing job! This won’t be forever and I promise that you’ll survive! Just hang in there! I’ll be here for You 💙

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