28 juli 2020 |  Diabetes

Stockholm Diabetes Meet Up

Herregud! Nu är det live och vi ses den 22 augusti! SAVE THE DATE! Vore så kul att få hänga med ER! Alla typer är välkomna !

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Feeling insecure sometimes? Yes, me to!

The good news is you’re not alone. Insecurity is universal with or without diabetes

We all doubt ourselves from time to time and I know that diabetes isn’t helping. But I’m here for you and to be honest with you, I don’t have the best confidence. But it’s getting better!

When I was a younger, I refused to be a person in the spotlight. I didn’t like the feeling of knowing people were looking at me. Or, later on, I didn’t even tell my previous dates that I had diabetes. Not that I was ashamed of the fact that I had a chronically disease - I didn’t have the confidence to let another person see who I was.

It’s not easy to break a pattern that’s not healthy. But it’s not impossible. One thing that has helped me is to always remember that comparing myself to others - is bullshit. We don’t have all the information on other people’s life’s, so it’s impossible to compare “apples to apples” or blood sugar curves to blood sugar curves 💕

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