15 juni 2020 |  Snacks

Räddaren i nöden

Jag har sovit mig igenom delar av dagen och på ett sätt känns det som att jag har halva foten i helvetet. Usch. Men! Nu när hungern är som bortblåst (inte ens sugen på mackor?!) fick jag ett sånt jäkla sug efter glass. Så, glass i stora lass för mig när jag känner mig lite halvbra.

Och vad är detta för smarrig glass tänker ni nu. Det är inget jag har tillverkat själv utan det är från Nicks. Ni vet de som tillverkar ”proteinbars” osv. Är alltid skeptisk när det står med stora bokstäver ”nu med färre kalorier” osv för i grund och botten är det bara ren jävla bullshit. Jag föredrar hellre hederlig vaniljglass och har svårt för alla olika typer av varianter som finns i butikerna. Så känner jag med egentligen allt. Då jag helt plötsligt nu idag fick ett sug jag aldrig annars brukar få så tänkte jag passa på att smaka denna.

Om den är god? Svar: JA!

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For me it is important to eat a balanced diet and for me it means that I eat a little of everything. There is no "no" food and there is nothing that I remove from my diet if it is something I actually like. I am not a lover of pasta, but when we had settled down at this restaurant the other day, the only thing that was available that was gluten free (yes, I have celiac as well) was pasta. I think it is important that I can feel that there is no danger around food or bloodsugar, even though it is carbs, and that pasta wasn’t in my mind during the day, but it was delicious!!!

We all make our choices. I encourage you to make choices that are good for YOU, and YOUR body. I sometimes eat low carb food, sometimes salad, sometimes I eat pizza. A balanced diet. I choose the food I crave and I have learned that my diabetes doesn’t have to be an obstacle. We will all make mistakes, and that's normal.

To eat out can be a challenge, but it doesn’t means it will stop you from trying it enjoying the company 🌸

After recovering from my eating disorder, it is important that I fuel my body with energy and nutrition. But also to make sure to eat delicious chocolate/bread or whatever it is I’m craving that day 💕

I am so happy and grateful that this is only a temporary moment. I know many people are worse off than I am, but sometimes it is difficult to find strength in what belongs to my everyday life. And these are feelings that I am aware of are normal.

Life goes up and down and it can be tough that emotions you never felt before shows up. I think it's part of experiencing life and learning new things about myself.

The most important thing I feel at the moment, is that I am surrounded by people who encourage and loves me! There are many fun things I have planned and I know I have a very fun summer to look forward to 💕

I have had a very good weekend 💕 The pain becomes less painful and it becomes easier to live a more “normal” life (what that means). But there is a lot to work on. During the weekend I have occasionally cried, laughed and felt incredibly weak. But the positive thing is I haven’t been alone.

The mental part is still something I need to work on. I take one thing at a time. Because I know I am stronger that I think I am, and it’s okey to not be okey ❤️

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