13 maj 2019 |  Diabetes

Q/A Diabetes and eating disorder

This is my very first Q/A about my Diabetes management and my eating disorder. This is a topic that is close to me and my heart thou I know that many T1D’s out there are struggling with for example anxiety. If you have Type 1 Diabetes it is twice as likely to develop an eating disorder than if you didn’t had Diabetes. I feel like no one is talking about this and there is a lack of education how to really know when a person have an unhealthy relationship with food, because food is a central part of a diabetics everyday life.

I know English is hard for me but I’m doing better! I will for sure do a part 2 if you would like to!

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    Focus 🥂 ...

    I want to talk about something that might give some perspective.

    The only thing we know is what is in front of us right now. That is why it is so important to never take our time for granted and to focus on life here and now.

    And also remind ourself what a blessing it is to actually live and wake up to a new day 💕

    Don`t let your diabetes become something that creates problems or obstacles that limit your life. There is so much beauty in life! I know it’s not easy everyday but just a loving reminder 💕🤍💙
    #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #öppendiabetes #diabetes


    I’m surrounded by such amazingly talented, inspired women and I’m so glad we’re on the same team! this is from last week’s digital training that was a success 🤩🙌🏻❤️

    This is how every Monday should feel and be like 🖤🤍 A party 💃 ...

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