21 september 2021 |  Recept

Friterade jordärtskockor

Något som jag har börjat med ganska frekvent är att fritera. Har saknat det så mycket och jag är uppvuxen med fritös men har känt att jag inte riktigt får plats med ytterligare en pryl i köket. Bor trots allt ganska litet…suck.

Men, jag har tagit mig mod till att fritera i kastrull och det går faktiskt riktigt bra och det är så kul!

Denna gång testade jag att fritera jordärtskockor. Nej men ja. Smidigt, enkelt och så himla gott!

Gör så här:

Tvätta och koka jordärtskockorna mjuka i saltat vatten. Häll av och låt svalna. Halvera skockorna. Värm en stor kastrull med olja till 170–180°C. Fritera jordärtskockorna tills dem är gyllene. Lyft upp och låt rinna av på hushållspapper. Krydda med salt. Ät direkt.

Jag serverade mina med en majonnässås, kapris och riven parmesan på. Det blev en fest!

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There's something special about the color blue, right 💙 and this absolutely amazing creation is also something out of the ordinary 🤩 ...

The only thing we know is that life never goes as planned. We can not control life and there is really no point in doing so. I experience that when I really understood and landed in it - which some days still feels difficult because you are never ready as a human being - then a trust arose that changes everything. Experiences that when you are firmly in control, part of the presence disappears and when we are not present, we lose common sense, trust and the ability to a helicopter perspective. Ask yourself why you hate that life does not turn out the way you intended and why it is important. Not every day needs to be or feel “perfect” 💕 ...

Cause it’s Friday ❤️ ...

When we polarize food and place it into good or bad categories, every food interaction becomes charged, it turns into an act that will be praised or punished

As you know, I talk, more than likely, openly about my own history and experience around the problems I have had. The eating disorder I went through a few years ago. That period that made me turn my back on life.

Diabetes requires a lot of an individual and today I refuse not to enjoy the good things in life. In moderation. Not to turn my back on what makes me happy and what makes me feel good. And with that said, diabetes is individual. But I want you to be able to see the possibilities of seeing food more as a freedom than a burden.

It is not my or your role to determine the chosen truth. You can definitely choose not to agree or come up with reflections. I can sometimes think that it whines a lot, but at the same time I understand that what someone considers difficult is not at all noticeable to me.

I talked to a person who is researching this very important topic this Monday. I realized that I am in need of meeting other people who have similar problems but can also understand that other people choose not to want to share their story. I believe that we should look after our own needs, whatever it may be, to ask for help to make a functioning everyday life with your diabetes and not let ourselves be hindered. That you make choices that you feel good about and see as sustainable 💕

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