19 april 2019 |  Diabetes

Diabetics Doing Things

Nu har äntligen mitt avsnitt och min intervju med Rob Howe släppts! Det är en ny variant av hans podcast och jag är så glad att jag fick vara med ytterligare en gång. Lyssna gärna! Det är ett kortare avsnitt så det gör det enkelt för er att ta del av min knackiga engelska 😉

Now is my episode with Diabetics Doings Things live! It is my second interview with Rob Howe and I just love what he does! There is a new version of his podcast and I’m so happy to be a part of it. Please listen! It’s a shorter section so it’s super easy for you to listen to my Swenglish 😉


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I get a lot of questions why I run, expose myself to hard races and train when it is possible to sit down in a comfy sofa (😘)

I don’t have a good answer to it except that I want to be strong and a receipt that it is possible despite t1 diabetes.

Summer for me has in recent years not gotten the star shine it should.
2020 I got sepsis, got very sick and hospitalized all summer. Was discharged with a catheter for one kidney and thus half man half woman for a few months.
In 2021, I had surgery for what had caused my sepsis. Östling’s kidney.
In 2023 I had to cancel my vacation, go straight to the emergency room and hospitalized for more than 2 weeks due to an infection in the kidney that caused a lot of pain, tears and a resignation I didn’t think I could handle.

None of this is related to T1 diabetes and nothing I could have done differently to avoid.

Despite that, I was determined. Copenhagen Half Marathon 2023, Stockholm Marathon 2024, what’s next?

There are obviously more diseases than diabetes but life goes on and there are a lot of positives in life that you have to take advantage of 🫶🏻❤️

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