19 april 2019 |  Diabetes

Diabetics Doing Things

Nu har äntligen mitt avsnitt och min intervju med Rob Howe släppts! Det är en ny variant av hans podcast och jag är så glad att jag fick vara med ytterligare en gång. Lyssna gärna! Det är ett kortare avsnitt så det gör det enkelt för er att ta del av min knackiga engelska 😉

Now is my episode with Diabetics Doings Things live! It is my second interview with Rob Howe and I just love what he does! There is a new version of his podcast and I’m so happy to be a part of it. Please listen! It’s a shorter section so it’s super easy for you to listen to my Swenglish 😉


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Diabetes affects everyone differently, but it also affects the people close to it daily too.

For me, communication with my family and to my friends has meant a lot. To feel that I don’t have to feel guilty for feeling certain emotions, that I can call at any time of the day without getting complaints, to ask for a hug and get a huge amount of love in return. That to me is so important.

Eating disorders are one of the most common psychiatric disorders in people with type 1 diabetes, with a prevalence twice that of individuals without diabetes. But! There is hope! And you are the expert, and no one is perfect ❤️

Diabetes. We don’t always go hand in hand, but sometimes we do ⚡️ And then, you can count on me 🔥💙 ...

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